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Teaching Your Children About Money

                Apps and Games 

•   Green$treets: Unleash the Loot! Children can rescue their favorite endangered animal while learning financial literacy along the way

•   Kids Money: Basically a savings budget app for kids

•   Piggybot:  A virtual piggy bank for parents to manage kids' allowances. The app serves as a digital IOU for kids and parents to track how much kids have earned. Parents can receive push notifications as reminders to "pay" the allowances, and then kids log in to claim them. When they're ready to cash out, they just let their parents know, and the adults can make one trip to the ATM.


                 OTHER RESOURCES

   •   An audio book online: Ella Saves Today

   •   An audio book online:  Once Upon a Decision

   •   Spending Plans, Earning Money and What is Money Lessons

   •   Teach your children delayed gratification.  Read this article for the benefits including the Marshmallow Project results.

   •   Print this money in color and put it in a wallet to teach your kids the differences in money.

             •   Dollar bills, Five DollarsTen Dollars, Twenty Dollars

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              Apps and Games

•   Renegade Buggies: fast-paced shopping game that challenges children to save as much money as they can

•   Coin Math: learn to identify and count coins, as well as how to pay and make change

•   Money Metropolis: allows children to navigate a multi-dimensional world making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank shrinks or grow

•   Financial Football: Play football while learning about money management skills


                OTHER RESOURCES

   •   Shopping Wisely with Olivia Owl Video

   •   Oscar Ostrich Faces the Future Video

   •   Penny Pigeon and the Missing Nest Egg Video

   •   Percy Peacock – Understanding Credit Cards Video

   •   Allowances, Spending Plans, Money responsibility, Saving and Investing and Comparison Shopping Lessons

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              Apps and Games

•   Toshl Finance: Helps young adults set monthly budgets and track expenses

•   Savings Spree: Game that teaches small purchases add up •   iAllowance: Money tracking app that is a platform for parents/guardians to work together on money management

•   Celebrity Calamity: Teaches financial literacy and also sheds some light on spending habits of celebrities that kids may be idolizing

             OTHER RESOURCES

   •   The Amazing $2000 pizza – Understanding Credit

   •   Understanding Your Paycheck

   •   No-Frills Money Skills:  Ways to Save

   •   No-Frills Money Skills:  Insurance: Protecting Yourself From Damage

   •   Personal Finance 101

   •   College Choice 101

   •   Understanding Inflation

   •   Understanding Interest Rates

   •   Making Decisions, Making Money, Credit, Credit Cards, etc. Lesson plans, activities, powerpoints and presentations

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